Monday, June 06, 2011

one year in review

Eyye, a extremely mal-nourished patient in our Nutrition Program--encouraged to eat the speciality food--Plumpy Nut.

Tea and Cake with some of our neighbors.

My first birthday in Africa came while I was at a team conference in Kenya. Real bday cake and candles surrounded by about 40 of my Sudan teammates.

Feeding giraffe at a refuge in Kenya. One of the few touristy things I've taken time to do.

With the ladies in New Khartoum

With the 2010 Doro Primary Health Care Center team plus visiting Dr Mike and Dr Rob.

My first experience putting in sutures.

Thanksgiving Day 2010 with my lovely friend Karissa.

With my friend Orpha who works with malnourished children at the Nutrition Village. She is the only national woman who speaks English in my area. She is gracious to help me with language, culture--tons of questions every time I see her. She translates for me when I do ministry at the Nutrition Village with the mothers once a week.

With the 2010 class of Community Health Workers on the day of their graduation.

At the UN peace keeping compound about a kilometer from where I live.

This is how we cook--over charcoal and it takes FOREVER! This was the lovely group of girls who were on our team when I arrived. They have all gone back to America and Canada now and our team is much smaller.

Seeing a patient at the clinic.

Visiting my friend Roda (far right) at her home in New Khartoum within a week of arriving in Doro.

The first baby I helped deliver in Doro.

Our 2010 Community Health Worker team the day we sent Masir to open a satellite clinic in an area desperately in need of medical care. The people there were walking six hours to come to our clinic.

Sushi night! Well, sort of...

A year ago today I left America for Sudan. It has been one of the best, if not the best year of my life. I am so thankful that God has allowed me to live and serve Him here. He is so good to me.


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