Saturday, September 03, 2011


Today I met a woman named Blessing! This is a huge blessing to me!

While riding my bicycle with Karissa through a residential area of Bunj I heard someone say, "Hi Girls", in a casual, friendly manner. Wow! You have no idea how good that sounds when you are starving to chat with the women you live among!

I long for deeper relationships with the Mabaan women around me, but I'm so limited by my small grasp on their language and their absolute lack of English. Before meeting Blessing, my friend and co-worker at the Nutrition Program--Orpha, was the only Mabaan woman I knew who was fluent in English. Orpha is long-suffering with me as I deluge her with questions about language, culture, work, relationships, etc. Now I'll be able to spread out my questions and not be such a burden to her.

Blessing has just moved to the area and taken a job with the UN. We will become friends, I'm sure of it!



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